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of the texas abortion law. it is set to kick in tomorrow. the law was the subject of debate, the judge struck down requirements about doctor-admitting privileges at hospitals and partially blocked new restrictions on pregnancy-ending drugs. >>> u.s. officials confirm that a military drone strike in somalia has killed two suspected members of the terror group al shabab, suspected of the deadly attack on the mall in kenya. >>> chinese state media reports that at least five people were killed, a dozen injured. the cause was unknown. >>> and check this out wolf, this is one of three newly discovered species found living in the remote part of northern australia. i want to show you some others. and scientists also discovered this fellow. it hunts for insects in daylight. and also this to show you, this creature, which is hard to make it due to camouflage, called the leaf-tailed gecko, it hides in boulders during the day and hunts at night. >> pretty cool. >> very cool. the gecko and the other is a skink. i don't even know what that is. isha, thank you very much. >>> up next, the residents of one ca
issue into a bigger condemnation of all of the law. that's the problem. >> you keep talking about the small issue about the web site. let's talk about the small issue that was on the split screen with the web site down while she testified for over three hours. >> right. >> this was watching this and watching that split screen that says the web site is completely down. >> interesting that the web site never crashed. which i guess i don't know what the technical definition of crash is. but it's not working. and even while she's saying. >> but i'm saying let that play out. >> how do you let that play out? don't ask questions? >> they literally cannot take the win. they cannot actually accept this idea that they were right about some things but not about everything. if we're going to hold these hearings and we want to hold people accountable to fix something, that's one thing. but when you're holding hearings to affix blame, that is a whole other conversation. >> charles, let me give you congressional hearing 101. >> you don't have to. >> the democrats see nothing wrong. and the repub
was talking about being grandfathered in. as i understand it, the law did grandfather in plans that people had before march 2010. but then hhs wrote regulations that narrowed down the definition so much that a lot of those plans that were grandfathered in fell out of the grandfather clause and people are losing those plans. >> reporter: anything washington does we always focus on the legislative battle. actually finding enough votes to pass the bill. the real test and the real policy challenge in washington is always writing the regulations, especially when it's something so complicated. that is what is happening now. and i think andrew hit it right on the head. is it a lie? it was certainly the intent of the administration that if you have a plan and you like it you could keep it. but they are the ones writing these rules now, and some people are getting knocked off. in this political environment that's a personal policy challenge for anyone who's being hassled by this. they might even realize in a year or two they liked their plan better. it's either the same amount of money, a little less o
law. we are confident that mr. brown will be exonerated of any wrongdoing. >> reporter: brown was in washington to host this party on sunday night. the victim tried to get into a photo of brown and a female fan. at that point, according to the police report brown said, quote, i'm not down with that gay expletive and i feel like boxing. the victim told police that brown and the body guard each punched him in the face. >> you know, he was hurt. he was full of blood. i'm talking about the nose. >> i didn't see him throwing any punches whatsoever. >> reporter: this could have severe consequences for the popular r&b singer. ♪ brown who signed his first record deal at age 15 is serving probation for felony domestic violence against rihanna for what happened before the grammy awards four years ago. her bruised and bloody face shown in this picture from tmz. his probation was revoked briefly this year after a hit-and-run accident when a woman said he went ballistic on her after rear ending her car. he was given an additional 1,000 hours of community service. but probation rules from
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)